A new year has just started, and this is the time to make some new resolutions. This is also the right time to have a look back at the past year, and play the predictions game for the coming year.

Early February allows us to refresh our memories, review our basics and finally start reading that ebook you downloaded weeks ago but still haven’t read. Come on… It is worth reading, and your time will be rewarded with insights to use throughout the year.

This month is also the period to summarize 2016 by reviewing trending topics and assessing those which will keep on going in 2017. Time is on caring about your customers.

What about you? What are your challenges? What is 2017 going to look like for you?


JT Rouzin

Web Geo Services - Co-Founder

Top articles worth reading this month:

The 10 Commandments of Location

This service allows the customer to order or reserve a product online, which can subsequently be picked up in-store at a time convenient for the client. This is distinguished from online ordering by the immediate availability of the product in question...

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How the drive-to-store has become key to the multi-channel customer experience?

The shopping experience has gone through a number of paradigm changes in recent years, and the concept of “customer experience” is now completely unavoidable. It includes a number of challenges, all leading towards a more pleasant, simple, hurdle-free purchase, with high-quality interactions between the company and the customer along the way...


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The ‘Uberization’ of society and its effect on location

The phenomenon of ‘ Uberization ’ appears to have brought about a radical change in how, what and why we consume in today’s fast-paced society. Every business has been confronted with this new trend at some point or another, whether by utilising the services of an up-and-coming competitor or simply by witnessing the gradual social changes that are currently taking place in formerly stable or well-regulated businesses and professions...


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