Newsletter n°1 - December 2016


We are pleased to introduce you our first Location Magazine's Newsletter. Every month, we will provide you with a selection of the best articles to help you to better integrate location into your projects.

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Hot off the press, Web Geo Services are pleased to announce the launch of ‘The Location Magazine’, created to act as an exhaustive source of up-to-date information on everything relating to geolocation. 

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Retail companies as well as their other sector counterparts are in the same boat when it comes to consumers’ wishes: they rank second in command. As for consumers, their wishes are modeled after the deep-rooted trends of their era, an era in which instantaneity and connectivity are increasingly more important.

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It’s becoming more and more common, if not second nature, for customers to search for or locate points of sale using devices such as smartphones and tablets. Firmly rooted in the digital age, this process – known as Store Locator – represents a huge step forward for Internet users.

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Consumers have gone mobile. They are looking for the best deal to make their purchase whether it's on-line or in-store. Ecommerce websites can now leverage location data to accelerate the purchase process and reduce shopping cart abandonment rate. How? Grab your copy now!


In 2016, Google organised a worldwide competition to reward its best partners in the provision of geolocation solutions. 

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The shopping experience has gone through a number of changes in recent years, the concept of “customer experience” is now completely unavoidable. It includes a number of challenges, all leading towards a more pleasant, simple, hurdle-free purchase, with high quality interactions between the company and the customer along the way.

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