Looking up information, commercial transactions… In the digital era everything has become… well, digital! The time when a shopper would visit various stores to get an idea of which product would be best is over. Today, thanks to Store Locator and, even better, thanks to Product Locator, the internet user now has access to local information and real-time availability, and can directly choose which store to purchase from.

Overwhelmed by ever more contextualised and personalised commercial ads internet users want their product as soon as possible. Our relationship to time has irrevocably changed, and posits offering ever faster customer journeys. How about you, Marketing and Digital Directors? Have you grasped yet the impact of this snowballing phenomenon?

No worries, Web Geo Services is here to share with you tomorrow’s trends in e-commerce

JT Rouzin

Web Geo Services - Co-Founder

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Formerly Google Addresses, Google My Business has now positioned itself as an online calling card for the Web’s leading businesses – so much so that failure to use it almost certainly translates into fewer incoming contacts, fewer leads and, ultimately, fewer sales for your brand. Integrated into Woosmap’s Local Search as a Service platform, Google My Business works alongside your business, boosting consumer interest thanks to the Web-to-Store phenomenon. 

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There’s no doubt about it: localisation is well and truly on its way to becoming a central part of our everyday lives. The Local Search as a Service (LSaaS) platform helps businesses identify new customers at the local level, linking physical points of sale and the location of nearby potential customers.

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In the space of a decade, using the Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. It’s now second nature for consumers to seek out information regarding their purchases online, whether comparing prices, checking user reviews or – as is more often the case – buying online rather than in-store. However, France’s Federation for E-Commerce and Distance Sales recently reported that up to 93% of online transactions fail to reach a sale. The solution? Integrating localisation techniques to simplify (and thereby improve) the customer’s online experience, leading to increased conversion.

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Today, the majority of frequent travellers on business trips tend to exhibit similar behaviours and habits, regardless of their destination – so, let’s imagine life a hundred years from now. It’s not impossible that robots (or another form of AI) will be able to anticipate and plan our journeys for us. This kind of service would be extremely helpful to the regular traveller, keeping them up to speed with any changes or delays and offering them pertinent, relevant promotions that apply to the right place, at the right time. All this might sound like a dream – but what if this virtual reality wasn’t so far from the truth after all?

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