Your customer was so close to finalising… yet at the last minute they abandoned their shopping cart!

In spite of the many attractive offers from e-merchants close to 70% of internet shoppers abandon their shopping carts before finalising the checkout process.  Only 2 clicks away from making a payment! How disheartening for you, digital expert, who put so much effort into cultivating the customer journey.

Unexpected additional cost, shipping or delivery cost too expensive, loading time too long… Web Geo Services offers you an analysis of the reasons that interfere with the online shopping process at the time of checkout.

Do you wish to improve your conversion rate? Has the “abandoned shopping cart” become your worst nightmare? Then bet on geolocation!

JT Rouzin

Web Geo Services - Co-Founder

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When it comes to in-store promotions, articles on sale are usually placed in areas conducive to impulse buying, such as at checkout or on end-of-aisle displays. Online, things become a little more challenging, with website layout (as opposed to store layout) a central factor in influencing this type of purchasing behavior. That said, e-retailers can still tempt customers with targeted, personalised and relevant offers – your business included! 

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When it comes to improving user navigation and facilitating customer searches online, localisation and UX (user experience) go hand-in-hand. These two key factors work together to streamline the customer’s purchasing journey, optimizing the e-commerce experience as a whole.

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Whether we’re organising a holiday, a weekend away or even a business trip, making travel plans is far more complicated than simply booking a ticket to a given destination. We take a look at five of the most important issues to address when looking to improve your business’ brand perception.

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Additional taxes or costs, expensive delivery fees, slow page loading issues… These are just a few of the many reasons why so many customers decide against completing their purchase after adding items to their basket. Shopping cart abandonment occurs at all steps of the purchasing journey, but tends to happen most often at the payment stage (46.1%) followed by checkout (37.4%).

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